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Just recently, we had the pleasure to sit down the the Portland Mercury to talk about Oak, what set Oak apart, and what Augustus's inspirations and aspirations for Oak Barbershop were. "This summer Portland acquired a new barbershop, one that should appeal to those who don't necessarily identify as nostalgic or in need of pampering. Artwork by Klutch and Logan Hicks hangs on the walls of the modestly sized but cheerful and bright space, next to copies of old set lists from notable hardcore bands a Triumph motorcycle parked just outside the window. This is Oak Barbershop, a new venture from Augustus Bowman, whose heavily tattooed hands have been cutting and shaving the heads of Portland men for about three years. 

Like most people, Bowman's career path was not a straight line. Originally from Baltimore, Bowman studied graphic design after high school, eventually dropping out and moving on to freelance design work. He'd always had barbering in mind, however, and when he made the trek to Portland with his girlfriend, he finally decided to go for it. He studied at the International Beauty School (now known as the Bella Institute), and worked for a couple years out of school at Akemi Salon on North Williams, before deciding it was time to do his own thing. "
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My friends and I all agree; Gus is the man. The dude knows how to make you look sharp and feel like a welcome guest in his studio. Add to this a razor neck shave with a warm towel for good measure and a healthy dose of post-punk.
— P.C.- north portland
Great find. Since I moved to Portland two years ago I have been looking for a really good cut. I finally got one. Kyle is a very tallented barber, together with Gus they’ll make you feel at home. Happy customer
— M.V.- southeast portland
Only the best from Augustus Bowman. You leave feeling great and you’re practically guaranteed to get compliments from friends and randoms on how great your hair looks. Who doesn’t like feeling good about themselves? Best barber.
— J. M.- southeast portland
Nothing like an excellent haircut to make a man feel like a million bucks. (Kyle’s) Great knowledge base and skill combined with fantastic conversation and a relaxing, classy atmosphere. If I had the time to start each day with a shave and a trim, I would do it here. The quality is superb.
— Corban M.
Like pro-athletes that make their sports look easy, Gus is able to cut my unruly hair like it’s no problem at all. He’s friendly and listens to what you want. Or, like me, if you’re terrible at describing what you want, he’s able to give you a cut that works for you. I’ve been going back to him again and again, and he remembers what I like, what I don’t, and is always open to experimentation
— Jazz M.- northeast portland
Gus’s friend and partner is a great addition to Oak. I’ve had my hair cut by Kyle twice and it looked great both times. He listened to what I wanted and provided his opinion when necessary. He upholds the quality that Oak stands for in my mind. Also, you can now get a haircut any day of the week at Oak, so I’m happy to see their availability increase.
— K.M.
I just recently moved to Portland and was suggested by a friend to go see Gus Bowman. I’m never too big on going to new spots for a haircut, but I can honestly say that going to Gus was a very wise choice. Gus was able to provide exactly what I desired in a new haircut while giving great input on what would make for a good look. He was a very pleasant barber to talk to during the process. I was very pleased with the haircut and I definitely plan on returning when I believe my hair is in need of a touch up.
— Benny W.- northeast portland
I grew up in Orange County, California where good barbers were very accessible. Throughout most of high school I would go to the same barber every two weeks for my usual high tapered fade with a pomp. I went every two weeks because it’s a haircut that needs to be maintained or it will begin to look shaggy. A few years later I moved up to Portland, Oregon for college. I was unsure if I would be able to find the same kind of relationship I had with my barber back home. To me, going to the barber isn’t just about getting a haircut. It’s an experience. Where you’re able to relax, chat with your barber, listen to good tunes, maybe even get a nice straight razor shave in, and leave looking fresh and knowing that you can come back any time you need to. Gus Bowman, fulfills every aspect of this notion. I found out about Gus shortly after moving through a mutual friend, so I decided to try him out. He was the nicest dude right off the bat and we clicked immediately, discussing our favourite punk bands and records. He listened very carefully and cut my hair exactly how I wanted while creating an atmosphere that was extremely reminiscent of the barbers I grew up going to. Ever since then, a year later, I haven’t gone to anyone else. Gus has been extremely accommodating and has gone above and beyond any previous barbers I’ve had when it comes to squeezing me in for last minute cuts before trips back home or special events. There have even been incidents where people have approached me on the street to ask who cuts my hair, and I’m happy to be a showcase for this fantastic barber’s work. Now whenever I return back to California for a visit, I find myself having a hard time going back to my old barber, who I used to think did it best. Now I know that Gus Bowman is THE BEST.
— Ryan H. -southeast portland
Great atmosphere, great shop and conversation and always a good job. Kyle actually listens to what I ask, and unlike many other places I went to, actually executes what I desire and not what he thinks is best.
— Sami R.

Oak Barbershop
2308 SE Division Street

Oak Is open seven days a week
All services by appointment  only